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Aircraft Operations


The Civil Air Patrol operates the largest fleet of Cessna aircraft in the United States, including the C172, C182 and C206, as well as the GA-8 Airvan and other aircraft.

Flight crews include both senior members and cadets. Members do not have to have previous flying experience to begin training as a crew member. Cadets can learn to fly, and senior members who already hold a pilot's license have the opportunity to fly CAP aircraft. Cadets who earn their Private Pilot's License can do so at a reduced cost, paying for the aircraft time and fuel.


An Aircraft Accident is seldom the result of a single factor. More often, it is the culmination of a pattern of mechanical malfunctions and human errors that compound one another. This site is to aid the aircrew members as well as Instructors and Evaluators with current pilot operations information in a responsive and effective manner.

The purpose of the Stan/Eval is to:

  • Evaluate and Maintain the Wing Commanders Flying Program.

  • Ensure Proper Training

  • If Necessary, Provide Corrective Action Recommendations to the Wing Commander.


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