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Ground Operations


The Ground Operations section of Emergency Services includes the direct efforts of search-and-rescue (SAR) by dispatching ground teams, maintaining communications with an established mission base, assisting local agencies' public service efforts and marshaling aircraft involved in SAR exercises with flight line personnel.

Since it is often represented as CAP’s "boots on the ground", ground teams in play an extremely vital role in search-and-rescue operations during a training exercises or actual missions. The ground teams' purpose is to locate, assess, help, and evacuate missing persons and aircraft; they are extensively trained to navigate all forms of terrain in extreme temperatures, day or night.

With regard to incident management, ground teams are alerted and mobilized through its incident command structure, as authorized by appropriate authorities. 

To coordinate these events in an area of concern, communications between ground teams, aircraft and the mission base is imperative. Teams are in constant communication with each other, while employing the use of direction finding (DF) equipment to zero in on distress signals.

Finally, ground assets are also dispatched for the purposes of marshaling aircraft during a mission. 

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