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The Long Island Group uses a List Serve. All members are encouraged to enroll in membership. Only confirmed members of the Group will be accepted.

What is a ListServe ?
The Server is a facility by which you supply your e-mail address and it becomes part of the “LIST”. If any member of the list wants to send messages, questions, comments, or any other information to the entire group they may do so by simply sending an e-mail to the “List”.

How do I Join ?
Click on the email to pre-fill your information and send and email to join:

  • The e-mail should come from the same e-mail address that you wish to receive messages at.

  • The request will be sent to one of the list moderators for final approval. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Simply reply to it.

You will begin receiving messages that are sent to the list, should you have any information you wish to share you can also send it out as follows:


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